It's always hard for me to be addressed simply as a photographer. We are so much more than a label or a profession. Anyhow photography is one of my biggest passions, there's no doubt about it. My aim when I take a photo is to capture the simple and yet complex nature of emotions, moods, atmospheres, lights and colors. I'm really not interested in perfectly planned pictures or technically sensationalistic kind of photography. I look for honest, raw, genuine images. I seek for inspiration within myself first. Being an Introvert soul I constantly need time to think, time to be alone, time to be just who I am, without any kind of filter or mask. Which is never easy to achieve being also a bit shy and afraid to show the real me. Sharing my inner world through creative expression has helped me a lot during life. Writing, drawing and music are also a huge part of my world.

Getting more personal about my life, I'm currently living in my grandparents house here in Tuscany. I've always lived here since I was a baby child. I'm truly fond of  this place. Fond of memories I have here. Fond of memories, in general. I tend to live more in the past than the present moment. I'll forever be thankful to my family for having me raised to understand which are my values and Ideals. I miss all my family so much but I know somehow they're with me, not phisically but in my heart, forever. Guiding my path. 

I tend to be a melancholic person, this is the kind of aura I always carry with me. Maybe if you're reading this you've probably already understood that. I'm also a romantic which is more a curse than a blessing to me. Also, I adore poetry and I deeply believe in poetry being the essence of life itself. 


Love, Cat. ♥